Research Report 4: Community-Based Technological Interventions

Zenaida Ganga, Yolanda Botigan, Rogelio Colting, Alicia Follosco, et al.

The four papers in this report present and discuss introduced project interventions in natural resource management in three research areas in Sagada, Mt. Province. Ganga searches into a possible method to sustain production of traditional sweet potato in Sagada and considers the rapid multiplication technique (RMT) to “revitalize” local varieties. Botigan explores the benefits of introducing fruit tree planting in existing farming systems in Fidelisan and Ankileng, Sagada. Colting shares primary data on weather condition and soil characteristics gathered in Sagada, which he considers vital in planning for natural resource management. Follosco, et al. reports on community-based interventions in Sagada that were tested to support the sustainable and equitable management of natural resource systems.



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