Discourses On Cordillera Autonomy

Athena Lydia Casambre


More than two decades have passed since the start of the debate on autonomy for the Cordillera region of Northern Luzon, Philippines. To date, the Philippine Constitution’s mandate for regional autonomy in the Cordillera remains an unsettled issue. In view of recent developments—the resumption of talks on autonomy and its connection to moves for a Philippine federal state—it is important to recall the context of the demand for regional autonomy and the arguments raised by various sectors to support or dispute it. Published by the Cordillera Studies Center, this book by Dr. Athena Lydia Casambre is a response to this need. While Dr. Casambre’s methodology was interpretive and did not necessarily resolve the debate, what she has done—weaving together into a single fabric the various strands of contradictory discourses in the regional autonomy debate—is an accomplished work that will be essential to the understanding of the political dynamics between government and society in the Cordillera people’s pursuit of self-governance and self-determination.

Dr. Casambre was with the faculty of the University of the Philippines Baguio from 1968 until 2001 when she moved to the University of the Philippines Diliman where she is now professor of political science at the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy.


*Available for purchase at CSC Office. 108 pages, Book paper. Php 180.00

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