General Rules on the Use of the KTRC Library


  1. Would-be users must present a valid official ID  with photo to librarian to enter the KTRC Library.
  2. Users must always log in and log out on the KTRC logbook.
  3. First-time users must accomplish the KTRC User’s Form to register their names, contact information (i.e., office and home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses), and personal references.
  4. All KTRC materials are for room use only.
  • A user is allowed to photocopy materials provided that
      • user’s official ID is left with KTRC librarian. ID will be given back to user upon the return of materials brought out for photocopying
      • user accomplishes a photocopying permit (2 copies) which the KTRC librarian endorses 
      • they bring out a maximum of two (2) materials at a time and return them before the KTRC library closes. No overnight borrowing for photocopying purposes 
      • photocopying permits must be secured at least an hour before the KTRC library closes
  • A user may secure copies of electronic materials (i.e. pdfs, powerpoint files, ms word documents, and excel files) unless restricted.
  • A user may take photos of KTRC materials.
  1. Users will pay for the replacement of damaged or lost KTRC materials.
  2. Users must observe silence inside the KTRC Library.  Users of audio/visual materials must use headphones.
  3. Eating and drinking are not allowed inside the KTRC Library.
  4. Loitering/sleeping inside the KTRC Library is not allowed. 
  5. Users are discouraged from returning materials on the shelves. Used materials must be placed on the designated table. 
  6. The KTRC Librarian will check the bags of users when they leave the KTRC Library.
  7. Library Hours:
    • Mondays to Fridays: 9am – 4pm (The library is open during lunch time)
    • Saturdays: 9am – 1pm
    • The library will be closed during official non-working holidays.
Subject to approval by the CSC Board
Official IDs: GSIS ID, SSS ID, Company ID, Office ID, Valid Passport, Valid Driver’s License  
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